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Come With Me

Come With Me

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All The Pictures In My Head - Blue Series (Painting 1)

(18" x 24") - Acrylic Paint and Charcoal on Canvas

I chose the title Come With Me due to this painting persistently beckoning me to follow it to a different outcome than the one I had in mind in the beginning, and doggedly did not want to abandon all the way to the end.  

I've heard other artists scoff at the idea that paintings and painters are influenced by mystical or divine forces.  Forces that help an artist dig deeper into themselves to find true veins of artistic gold they wouldn't tap into without spiritual help. I like the idea that I am "along for the ride" with my art, and that this amazingly unknown universe works in us and through us in ways we cannot comprehend.  Even if that isn't true, I choose to believe it because it is more romantic than a purely rational worldview, and...I don't have a fully rational way to explain where some of this stuff comes from by reason alone.  Sometimes, things seemingly emerge on their own and invite me to come with them.  And most of the time...I go!
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