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Fancy Pants

Fancy Pants

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All The Pictures In My Head - Red Series (Painting 2)

(18" x 24") - Acrylic Paint, Charcoal, Acrylic Ink on Canvas

This painting reminds me of a lady I saw wearing what I am sure must have been a $400 pair of designer jeans distressed down to paper, ripped and tattered with holes peppered across the front revealing pockets of thigh meat like pepperonis on a pizza. 

She wore them with pride.  Maybe a little defiance too.  They were her fancy pants and no one could convince her wearing them made her look homeless or like an unfortunate victim in a Freddy Krueger movie.

The canvas for each painting in the Red Series was primed with cadmium red medium hue.  Newsprint and water were used to peel away successive layers of paint, revealing the common mother color binding them all together.  Unlike the other paintings in the Red Series, Fancy Pants expresses fully saturated colors that are only tempered by veils of distressed white.  The dominant red is meant to accentuate its pant-like outline.   

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