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Blew Artwork

Merlin Burger

Merlin Burger

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(16" x 20") - Acrylic Fluid Paint on Canvas

So many of my early fluid paintings had no real compositional objective or direction.  It was all about pouring a lot of paint on canvas and seeing what transpires after some tilting and swiping.  Merlin is clearly one of those "unintended" paintings.  After the paint dried and I took time to really look into the image, what I saw and still see is a mythical, wizard-like figure emerging from the mist of a magical spell with his dark cape open, reflecting light from a searing cauldron.  The ether around him is charged with potential. 

You, on the other hand, may see hamburgers and hot dogs in the same image with condiments on the side.  So we will meet half way and rename this one Merlin Burger!

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