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Snow Angel

Snow Angel

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(24" x 36") - Mixed Media:  Acrylic Paint, Modeling Plaster, Epoxy Resin

Sometimes, you just have to get one out of your system and move on.  Snow Angel is one of those.

I wanted to do something quirky with high contrast.  A friend mentioned one of my paintings having a snow angel quality and the match was lit. 

Imagine it is Winter-time. The ground is blanketed with white snow and you're bored out of your mind.  You bundle up in last year's ski gear and head outside determined not to let Winter get the better of you.

Now imagine the kid in you wells up even though you're 56 years old and your knees hurt.  You lay down in a virgin patch of snow and begin to move your arms and legs up and down, side to side, until you remember you're out of Icy Hot and tomorrow could be very painful.

You stand to the side fully expecting to see that all-too-familiar outline of an adult-sized snow angel.  And you do!  But then something magical happens.  In the hollow of your creation, beautiful yellow and green sunflowers begin to burst forward disregarding the snow and freezing temperature.  The colors and shapes are 5k vivid.  You are speechless and wonder if you're being punked.

So you decide to lay down and make a second one right beside the first.  And then a third, a fourth, and a fifth.  All of them do the same thing.  Flowers, color, life, warmth!  Soon, your front yard looks like the plains of Kansas.  Golden sunflowers are staring at you singing your praises for making a place for them to emerge.

You realize you must be having a dream so you go back inside your house, de-bundle back into your comfy sweats and fall asleep on the couch.  You wake up the next morning remembering the most realistic dream you've ever had in your life..then immediately feel disappointed some dreams can't be real.  You look outside fully expecting to see a fresh blanket of snow, but stop dead in your tracks when you see thousands of sunflowers beaming their faces back at you, letting you know some dreams are real and you're never too old to believe that.

And you're never too old to make ways for beauty to do so!


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