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Blew Artwork

The Dog Lobby

The Dog Lobby

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Acrylic Paint on Canvas - (18" x 24").  I often dream about the dogs I have been privileged to know and love over the years.  Usually in these dreams, I come home--to a home I don't really recognize but know is my home--to find all of my former dogs attention starved, hungry, and running loose all over the place.  I frantically try to coral them and love each one of them, but they are too scattered and busy to notice my efforts.

In this painting, I try to capture some of that helpless feeling, but I also overcome my dreams by placing my fury friends in something like a hotel lobby.  They are still scattered, but in a localized way.  They are happy and waiting.  Waiting for me to take the elevator up to where they are so we can be together again.  They are fine while they wait.

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