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Uncommon Reflections

Uncommon Reflections

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All The Pictures In My Head - Red Series (Painting 1)

(18" x 24") - Acrylic Paint on Canvas

Sometimes when we look in the mirror, we don't recognize the person staring back at us.  Life, circumstances, decisions, failures, unfulfilled expectations recast our image slowly, methodically, perceptibly.  I wanted to express the essence of this incongruity while holding onto a sense of the simple beauty that persists in us even through the worst of times.

A squeegee, paint scrapper and newsprint were the only tools used for this first piece in a four-painting series titled "All The Pictures In My Head".  Simple, serene strips of pressed paint converge at a single datum line suggesting the edge of reflection. 

The canvas for each painting in the Red Series was primed with cadmium red medium hue.  Newsprint and water were used to peel away successive layers of paint, revealing the common mother color binding them all together.

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