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Blew Artwork

View of Things to Come: The Divide

View of Things to Come: The Divide

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(24" x 36") - Acrylic Paint on Canvas

The second piece in the 'Monumental Series', The Divide envisions Little Red Riding Hood at the edge of a celestial delineation.  A line, a grid, a doorway, a fissure in space-time.  Scale relationships are blurred and magnified following strict symmetry in the absence of spatial references.

Red Riding Hood is all of us.  Her character, more precisely her innocence in the presence of something grand and awe-inspiring, is all of us.  We are humbled in the presence of the monumental.  And maybe also encouraged. 

Deep down, we want there to be more than the everyday.  Our minds long for mystery and the pursuit of answers to the unknown.  We aspire to be connected to something greater than ourselves.  Within this void, this longing, we find solace and silence in the monumental.      

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