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View of Things to Come: The Frontier

View of Things to Come: The Frontier

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(24" x 36") - Acrylic Paint on Canvas

The Frontier is the third piece in the 'Monumental Series'.  This scene builds on the ideas of grandeur, mystery, and solitude explored in the first two paintings and, again, Little Red Riding Hood (the small, red pyramid) represents the wanderlust in all of us.  The desire to reach beyond our everyday lives for something much greater and more exhilarating.

I wanted to take a classic mountain landscape and simplify it down to fundamental shapes and suggestions without reference to defining details to heighten the focus on the unseen source of radiant light signaling the unknown frontier beyond.   A glass-like stream represents both a rift and a connection between Red Riding Hood's geometric plane and a surreal cathedral of mountainous formations one might expect to find in a fairytale.  This contrast intentionally plays upon classical depictions of Nature as an overly romanticized form of escapism.  

Red Riding Hood is outside her natural element.  She is depicted as a foreigner in a strange land, possibly on a quest to ride the river to an unknown place even more bizarre than the one we find her in here.  But the water is still.  Silent.  No suggestion of current or safe passage is given.  She simply waits...alone.
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